Frequently asked Questions

How does Laddu registration work?

1: Sign up on our website and create a basic profile.
2: Our matchmakers will get in touch with you, do an intake interview and process payments.
3: Based on your responses our algorithm will match you with suitable singles who display similar values.
4: We will send you an event invite 2 weeks in advance where you will be able to meet said suitors

How is Laddu different?

For starters, we are the antidote to misogynistic Rishta aunties who ask regressive questions and shame both men and women. Unlike traditional matchmaking firms, we are a transparent company and have no gimmicks. We do not solicit outrageous sums of money on pretentious claims, we do not have scary contracts and most importantly we create a safe space for our clients to meet several suitable suitors in a short time span. You will not have to entertain people in your drawing room and endure an additional cost of hosting, and then suffer the humiliation of waiting endlessly. Our process returns power to our clients, is efficient, and is far less expensive way than traditional matchmaking.

What is the format of the Laddu event?

1) Users will sign in, be given resources for note-taking, a name badge and be invited for refreshments.

2) Orientation: once everyone has arrived, Laddu hosts will explain how the event and matchmaking will work.

3) Rishta-dates: At the event, men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short “ rishta dates” that last six minutes each. The women will remain seated while the men will move onto the next table when the bell rings. Conversational cue cards will be provided on each table to facilitate your interaction.

4) Scorecard: After each interaction, you should keep notes about the person you just met. At the end of the evening, you take home the pamphlet with your notes, and go to our website to enter who your favourite suitors were.

5) Matches: If both participants like one another, it is a match. We will get in touch with you and set up the next solo meeting between you and your match(es).

6) Contact information cannot be traded during the initial meeting, in order to reduce pressure to accept or reject a suitor to his or her face.

How many people will I meet at an event?

Cohort sizes vary per-event, but generally range from 6 - 10, 5 men and 5 women; sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, a user may cancel last minute. We highly discourage cancellations.

Why do you provide conversational cue cards

Introducing yourself over and over again to twenty people can quickly become very redundant and cumbersome. To capacitate engaging conversation we recommend using our conversational cue cards that are based on research conducted by psychologists, anthropologists and neuroscientists who study human behaviour and intimacy. The cards are built in such a way that they draw out even the most introverted people from their shell and allow you to learn about your suitor’s values fairly quickly.

What type of people will I meet at the event?

We work very hard to maintain the quality of the crowd and filter out any bad apples. Most of our clients are professionals who are seriously looking to settle down.

Are 6 minutes per “rishta date” long enough?

They are long enough for you to get a feel for the other person but short enough to endure if the person isn’t your cup of tea.

Why do you deny potential clients and refuse to sell tickets for your events to everyone?

Our events have prerequisites and requirements and not everyone will make the cut. For the overall group experience to be positive, there is an air of exclusivity and only people with similar values will be placed together in each event.

How should I dress for a Laddu event?

Wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. While there is no official dress code we recommend business casual attire. Aim for a sharp, clean outfit that is a true representation of your personality. Ladies, in particular, ask us if they should come only in traditional attire- that is entirely your call.

Can my best friend tag along with me to the event?

For first time users, we highly recommend coming in pairs, it helps the nerves. If you are both single and want to be placed in the same event please let us know in the intake call. We provide a 10% discount for bundle packages.

Can a guardian accompany me to the event?

Absolutely! If it brings you peace of mind to bring along a parent, sibling or friend, by all means, do so. Bear in mind though, that anyone who is not going to partake in the meet and greet will be seated in a separate area to protect the privacy of our users.

Where do Laddu events happen?

Laddu events happen at various venues in multiple cities. There are no fixed locations per se, but we consider key features for each venue selection such as privacy, security, location and accessibility. All our events happen in private party rooms in high-end hotels and restaurants.

Is Laddu in my city?

Currently, we do events only in Lahore, Islamabad and Toronto but as we scale, we aim to add more cities in our network.

What is your policy against harassment?

Laddu is, in essence, a very feminist brand. We emerged into existence due to a lack of safe spaces for marriage-minded Muslim men and women to connect. We take bullying and harassment very seriously. Not only will the culprit be asked to leave the event, but they will also be barred from ever attending any future Laddu events.

Can I pay you extra to purchase the contact information of someone I did not match with?

Repeat after us: No means no. Consent ka nara rozana!

After each event, our clients share their scorecards. We tally the scores and let the users know who their matches are, and facilitate further interaction between them. If one client likes another client, but the interest isn’t mutual, we respect that and will not pass along the contact information for any amount of money.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since last-minute cancellations affect the overall user experience for the group, we ask for a minimum 72-hour notice and will credit 50% of your payment to another event of your choice. Cancellations on the day of the event and/or “no-shows” are ineligible for credit, and also marked in our system. Repeat “no-shows” are barred from registering a third time.

Will you refund my money if I don’t get any matches?

No. Our job is to provide a safe space for eligible single Muslims to meet a large number of potential partners with similar values, in a very short period of time. We do our best to keep quality singles in the mix, but the burden of charming others enough to court you lies on you.

Any tips to help me get the most out of my Laddu experience?

Yes, so glad that you asked! As cliche as it sounds, come with an open mind, an open heart, budding optimism and dare we say- even a sense of adventure. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like in your potential suitor, focus on what you do like. Finding flaws and cracks is easy, seeing the beauty in another is hard (and a learned trait). We encourage you to keep an open mind, even if the person in front of you isn’t traditionally “your type”. The universe opens you up to so many possibilities when you let go of rigid standards. Bear in mind, that you’re meeting a real person, not a genetically engineered manifestation of your fantasies. Lastly, be gentle in your interactions. Kindness is paramount. Refrain from passing aggressive, aggravating comments and/or outright rejections.

How much does a Laddu event cost?

Our ticket is currently priced at PKR. 6000/-, which is a steal considering that the cost of a singular “rishta trolley spread” costs more than that. Whereas, unlike the traditional rishta setting, we are introducing you to numerous other suitors in that price point. Quite the value proposition, if we say so ourselves.